5 questions with Kyle Sliger:
1.) How is everything in Kyle Sliger’s World?
Everything is going good right now around here.  Was able to start riding in a new bigger lot closer to home so been trying to go there and ride everyday I can.  Working on new tricks and trying to get them dialed in before the next round of XDL.
2.) You were a rookie during the 2012 XDL Season and were named the Rookie of the Year at the end of the season, does it feel good to finally shake that Rookie of the Year title? More importantly whats your thoughts on the return of the XDL Championship Series? 
Yea it seems the rookie of the year title has been haunting me ever since 2012 haha.  So hopefully this year we can change that around… I’m glad to see it has returned.  Competition is the future of our sport and industry so seeing the return of XDL just shows me the sport will never die and we will always be here no matter what.
3.) You had a rough weekend at Round One in Atlanta finishing in 6th place. Under the 2017 XDL Rules you get to drop one rounds score. You have to be feeling the pressure for the final three rounds if you want to make a run for the championship. Are you changing up your strategy for the final three rounds or keeping with your current training regimen? 
The first round of XDL definitely didn’t go in my favor.  I never really come up with a run for these competitions.  I always just freestyle it and know the few tricks I want to pull off is all.  I am now changing it all up and focusing on only certain tricks and performing a written run.  Some of these tricks I’m working on now aren’t exactly the tricks I consider amusing to the eye but hopefully they will get me the points I need to get to the top.  I’ve always been stubborn when it comes to how I want to ride because I believe style and aggression is everything so I’m curious to see how these new tricks are going to score me.
4.) You recently have gone to the latest generation of Kawasaki 636. What prompted the change and how do you like your new bike compared to the older 03/04 636 model? 
Yes I switched over to a newer year Kawasaki zx6 2015 model from the 03 04 model.  I can’t say which bike is better because it’s all about preference but I do like the newer bike more.  Seems to handle high speed type stuff better.  Smoother feel and lots of power.  So at this point I don’t think I could ever go back to the 03 04.  The newer bike just feels like the bike for me now..
5.) Where can the people at home get in touch with you and keep up with you on the day to day? Anyone you want to throw a shout out to?
If your interested in following what I do I would recommend following on all my media that I use. Which is Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I post different material to all my sites each day and recently started doing episodes of our days hanging out at the practice lot on my YouTube.
So if you would like to follow along then please do. I have lots of new videos coming out this year and will be more busy then ever.  ( Instagram- Kylesliger44 ) , ( facebook- Kyle Sliger Stunts ), ( youtube- KyleSligerStunts-TV ). 🙂