Mike Jensen poses for a portrait in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 20, 2017

You attended your first XDL this past year. Can you tell us about your experience coming to America and competing in the XDL series?

Yes I did and the whole trip was like a dream coming true. To me the journey was near perfect, I stayed with David Boyd and the moment he picked me up at the airport in Atlanta we instantly connected well. I arrived to US about 2 weeks before the final XDL round which gave me some time to set up a bike and some time to ride it.

During the prep time in Davids house we also spent some time around the city of Atlanta and I can honestly say that everywhere we went I always met such kind people. The barrier between two strangers is very narrow in the US compared to Europe. That is one thing I really admire and would like to have back in Europe.

The night before going to Alabama we loaded up the RV and drove off to the Stunt spot for a last session, rode, slept, woke up and drove off to XDL. PROPER!

Haha sounds like a good experience, how did riding in the US and competing at XDL compare to some of the larger European Competitions that you have competed in?

My heart almost skipped a beat the moment we came to the venue. Its one of those feelings you will only experience as a Stuntrider, I mean being turned on by a square of asphalt… thats something special. The biggest difference from the European competition setup to the American is the time the runs. At first I was very skeptical, but in the end I really liked the 90 second runs!

Mike Jensen poses for a portrait in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 20, 2017


What did you like about the shorter runs vs the longer runs?

The shorter runs has a good potential as it forces the riders to knock out a banging runs with no ‘downtime’.

And especially downtime (time in between tricks/nothing going on) is what can make the difference from a good run to a super good run


What major plans are in the works for 2018?

For the 2018 season I will keep trying to push the sport in my own country, which means i will be doing several events/exhibitions in Denmark. I still have my main focus on competing as i feel that it’s a great way for me to grow as a rider and offourse stay in touch with all my friends! I’m working on some up coming projects with Redbull and we will 100% be doing some wicked stuff !


Red Bull has long been a big supporter of Stunt Riding. Can you tell us what it’s like to wear the coveted Red Bull Helmet and maybe some insight on what it’s like to be part of such a small family of athletes to wear their colors?

Im very proud to be a part of the Red Bull Family, it’s truly the home for action sports athletes. I wear my helmet with pride. I benefit a lot from Red Bull as they have certain expectation to me & vice versa. Red Bull has a very strong staff with a great ability to get you in sync to keep going in the right direction

Mike Jensen is seen in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 20, 2017

Red Bull has a history of bringing in winning athletes, does that pressure weigh in on you when you are at an event?

Stunt riding is still at the ‘underground’ level and if any brand is capable of changing that its Red Bull. If anything that has helped me to keep my own expectations high and give it everything i got.

If you were to plan an event, what would your ideal Stunt Competition look like and where would it be?

I have a small scrapbook full of ideas for my perfect event. It’s not identical but its very similar to the Setup of ‘Czech Stunt Day’, where the demands of the riders are in focus. One day it is going to happen, and of course it would be in Denmark. The common problem with competition these days are the organizers doesnt value a proper competition arena high enough

At XDL we have the Battle Rounds where athletes compete head to head against another athlete vs performing a run and being scored against other riders. If you had the opportunity to go head to head against any stunt rider ever, who would be the guy you would want to beat?

That’s is a very very very good question, not like I don’t know the answer, but I really like question it self. For sure that would be Rafal Pasierbek, when he was on his A-game. I felt he had a very strong dedication and was very determined to be the best. And when he was competing, he was (the best).

Maybe that’s cliche but who cares.. Other than that I have always wanted to meet the notorious Scary Gary. But on the other hand sometimes it’s better to not meet your idols, as the illusion you created is just too good, but I guess we’ll never know in my case

Mike Jensen is seen in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 20, 2017

That would be a great battle and still not totally out of the question. Before I let you go, are there any closing words or thanks that you would like to include?

As we are talking about XDL, im not gonna miss the chance to once again thank Max Murat & David Boyd, they are probably going to drag me back to the US this season! I would like to thank Chris Tice as well for giving me a shot at XDL!

All the people who believe in me, obviously my family and close friends. –

And my last words will be – see you at XDL


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