XDL Events LLC is heading to Austin, Texas June 9th to the 12th for the 26th annual Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally. XDL will be featuring it’s XDL Wheelie Experience along with newly added MotoMotion Freestyle Trials show featuring Keith Wineland.

Come experience first hand the techniques and basics of riding wheelies! Learn where the balance point is on our hydraulic trailer then graduate to our fully running Zero FXE on top of our DynoJet Dyno Drum where you use the brake and gas to maintain your wheelie!

The MotoMotion Trials show joined XDL during the the previous Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Tour in 2021. A huge hit with the crowd this feature is excited to appear at the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally for the first time. Jumps, balance and gravity defying tricks that will leave you walking away wondering How in the hell did they just do that??? Keith Wineland will be riding with a soon to be announced special guest.

For information on all of the features and entertainment during Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally 2022 click the link below.